Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Low cost housing for "Public Employees"??

The City of Racine is wanting to clear some properties off their lists, and encourage people to move back into our city. So several of your City Alderfolks have decided to offer Half price houses for Public employees. I simply can not understand why the AlderPeople have decided that half of the things they rule on have to be special for City and public employees. Let's ask the the reason the intended buyers are not currently buying these houses at full price, and they are not yet buying any of the hundreds of foreclosed properties which are already half price or even less? What is the reason these "Public Employees", haven't already gobbled up these homes? Is it because the price is too high? Or is there another reason?

If a lower price (and thus a lower cost of residency) is the stimulation required to get them to Buy now; Is it possible that some of the reason others aren't flocking here to grab up our "bargains", is because Racine is perceived to have a high tax atmosphere? Or is it our below average Public Schools? High un-employment?

Why is it in a time when so many other companies are cutting staff and costs, and trying to hold down costs. Why is the City, (and the School Board), are not following suit? Yes it's true the State cut back on funding at the City and County level...We should respond by operating our civic governments within the remaining taxable funds. Attacking our few prosperous remaining residents will only further limit the spending ability needed by these tax-payers to support our businesses.
As a resident, Tax-payer, Small business owner, and property owner, I find it an outrage that we would target this "Brilliant" idea to liquidate City owned property..but will only offer these homes to City and School employees. While the city has the Liberty to do it..Don't all people have the same Liberty to bid on these homes? And should the City undercut the free market, infringing on the Liberty of other property Sellers, and the agents they hire to sell their extra homes. Feel free to add your comments...

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