Saturday, August 29, 2009

If Senator Larry Craig is dead should we lower the flags for him too??

Watched most of the Coverage of the "Teddy" Funeral this morning. I thought the Younger Ted Kennedy did a great job in his eulogy of his father, I suspect he may be handed the temporary job to fill his Fathers shoes. But I understand the Massachusetts GOP will be fighting to keep the Kennedy Law on Senators in place thus creating a State Supreme Court fight over the legitimate replacement for the seat.

I drove around the past several days and noticed how many Flags were at half staff at the Govt. buildings, Post office, Public Library, etc. I asked several people today if we can expect to see flags at half-staff when Sen Larry Craig passes away? There used to be a standard for when the flags were lowered..Now it seems every time someone gets a head cold the flags are ordered lowered. Now if you have a Flag and a pole at your home..I am in favour of your choosing to lower it and raise it as you wish..If you brother, or cousin dies..It should be up to you if want to honour that person by lowering your own flag. But The Govt. buildings should have a set of standards..and follow them.

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  1. For Larry Craig, can't we just lower our pants and tap our feet?