Saturday, August 8, 2009

I read the news today Oh boy.....

On my coffee "mission" this morning I passed by the Headline on the top of the fold of the JTimes: "Unemployment Rate Drops". I had to do a double take...Did I not actually hear the UE numbers INCREASED?? I did listen to the joyous chorus of reporters yesterday as the unemployment numbers were released, these floks were so giddy I thought the new jobs created was 250 K rather than lost. I couldn't help but to wonder if 1 year ago the UE numbers INCREASED by a Quarter of a Million Jobs, and George Bush was President..would the headline read the same? Somehow I doubt it. I see the banner headline "250 thousand more jobs lost" (Vote for Obama!)...Ok the Obama part wouldn't have been written in the article..but the inference would be there.

I also noticed the other day all of the discussions about the "Mobs", and the intolerance of the "Right". When people care enough to go to a town hall meeting which normally has 15-50 people...and 1500 are willing to show up...It is catching the anti-Liberty factions running our Govt. at so many levels. They can't believe the "silent Majority", that sat on their hands, and were disappointed in John McCain or let Tina Fey pick the president by trashing his running mate, who had stronger Executive credentials than either Obama or Biden. Imagine if the Repubs had run a "Community Organizer" as the party head...all of the SNL & Leo jokes that would have been forth-coming.

OK I know that LiberTEA Racine is a non-partisan site, and the Blog commentary is usually for "Local" issues. But I am excersizing my own "Liberty" to speak on a broader topic...However in my defense we are seeing many LOCAL citizens speak up at City Hall, Common Council meetings.. on the Blogs and at Town Hall meetings all over Wisconsin and the US... For those attended or only read about the TEA party meetings of April & May....We all asked then:" What next??" The answer is your fellow citizens are standing up and trying to stop the Anti-Liberty, big tax, big Govt. folks from rolling over your life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness, While taking even more money from your earnings..If you don't join in the fight you will have no one to blame but yourself.

These times are nearing revolutionary momentum...I am not speaking of a Gunfight..but an "IDEA" fight we have got to stop this at every level..from who owns your property, to who gets to decide your health care. The current leadership in Washington and Madison are NOT making the choices they know will make the economy better, they are ignorantly or purposely choosing to keep the Recession ongoing so they can use it as a tool to enact their big Government solutions. If they make Govt any larger, and taxes even harder, you will begin to see an exodus of money and wealth leaving this country, first a trickle (It's already happening), and then a stream and then a tidal wave as the last of the wealth leaves the country. (I point to NY, CA and NJ where it's already begun). So join the "Mob" of your choice and lets keep the heat on. We are all "Community Organizers" now.

Thanks for reading my rant. Now go enjoy he Rain..LOL. (This "Mob"-ster/ Comm Orgzr. is gonna call Kohl and Feingold.)

PS check out the Action Alert posted on Free Racine. See you Monday night at City Hall:

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