Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another business blocked from Racine

Last evening the Committee, voted to make it too difficult for a new business to join 6th Street. The recent enactment of a "Cap" on liquor licenses, has been used as the excuse, that Rules are rules. Thus Racine can ensure less entrepreneurs, will look to Racine as a place to grow and welcome businesses. Yes we can open all the art galleries, clothing stores, antiques and wig shops as no "licenses" are required...

I would like to thank the Chun's and the Choi's for their diligence in attempting to bring a new business to our community. Mr. Choi has been a generous investor in the 6th St. region, and his enthusiasm, and track record should be enough to garner the support of his neighbors and the Council...I am sorry to report it was not sufficient.

I'd like to thank all of the points of view that were represented last night..It does however seem to me that several of the 6th Street residents want a Zero allowance for any additional alcohol outlets. This renders the value of the remaining vacant buildings less valuable since the Leasor can not have access to a complete and fair market. This IMHO is a violation of the liberty of the property owners.

Alderman Helding is correct in that I, do not feel the limitation rule is fair. While the state gives the cities the power to limit licenses, it also gives them the power to NOT limit licenses.

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  1. I learned last night that Mr Choi was not only behind the Shogun restaurant and Asiana, but was also behind the Old Madrid Tapas place. All of these places are great assets to the City of Racine and especially the 6th St. region. The very idea that Mr. Choi would want to jeopardize those other business to bring in a low class tenant for his anchor corner is ridiculous. Perhaps mr Choi can find someone to open a High end French cuisine for the 6th and Park corner..but will the new Bistro be permitted to offer wine with dinner??? Or will the City suddenly have a different view??