Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Jacato Preservation District???

It looks like there is a new proposal to create yet another "District" in Racine. It will be called the Jacato Preservation District (JPD)..This was created by the group "Gangster Racine". The goal will be to ensure that everything in the "Jacato" district is "preserved" in it's current state. Any future Gardens, green spaces or removal of obsolete buildings will now be Banned. SOMEONE has urged the City Council to look into this, So I expect there will soon be a public hearing on the idea.

The JPD was proposed to ensure that the Private owners of the property will not begin making improvements of any type that may cause the value of their own personal property to increase, causing the current residents to be forced to move away and making it more difficult for Drug dealers and other Money leaching pond scum to have access to their Prey.

The people of the 14 Aldermanic districts will override the votes of the people in the Jacato Preservation District and it's representatives. It is the hope Of "Gangster Racine" that preserving the current conditions will result in securing their Drug Client base for generations to come. It will also ensure a constant source of underprivileged children for the School District to use as examples and excuses for any future poor performance. It is also believed the new district will help keep property values DOWN not only in the District, but in the entire community. This will help keep the taxes LOWER so the City can continue to spend outside of it's budget for years to come.

Landlords will be refused all permits for any reason, with no ability to rationally appeal any decisions that don't Keep "Jacato"...."Jacato-ish". Tom Jones a Jacato landlord is asking anyone with out-dated electrical or plumbing fixtures to drop them off, so that any needs of restoration circa 1970 will be easy to comply with. Shag Carpet samples, harvest gold and avacado appliances are welcome as well!

Jacoto "resident" Billy "Big Guns" Hanson; (he "stays "there), was quoted as saying he was thrilled that in the future he will not need to ride the "C" bus across town to buy his next "Lid". It was impossible to quote him exactly...this reporter has some standards..(Billy was wearing a "Grill" which made him difficult to understand). My apologies to the reader.

Hans Jansenn from the nearby neighborhood is glad to know that at no point will the Jacato area get any better thanks to the Govt. intervention, and he was assured that at some point his home on Mars Blvd...will eligible to be included in the district. He is planning to avoid any future improvement to his home, so he will comply, when the authorities tell him to.

Hmmm I wonder where they got the idea????


  1. Perhaps Mr. Becker would be willing to come out of "retirement" to make sure it all gets Governor Doyle's approval.

  2. Depressed In RacineJune 3, 2009 at 9:05 AM

    Doyle might consider that, if "Gangster Racine" lines up all the little teenage "Jacato" babes for him.

  3. You should be ashamed of yourself. This sarcastic post is racist and cruel. No wonder you don't use your real name, I will never shop in your eye glass store.

  4. There was no mention of Race anywhere in my posting? At all. Nor were any allusion to race made. Unless you think my discussion of Mr. Jansenn and Mr. Hanson is somehow anti Danish or Norwegian??

    Thank you Anon for not contributing anything to the discussion of relevance, beyond name calling and a boycott, how very "tolerant" of you! And since Anon 10:04 you know who I am, evidently I'm not trying to hide myself very well am I? Yet you blog as Anon 10:04 and call me a Racist and cruel? Methinks tho doth protest too much!!
    I was using a mirror scenario with a humorous twist to make a point..Forgive me if it was above your comprehensive level. Sarcasm can be your friend..LOL

    I welcome your thoughtful comments in the future, but would appreciate discussion of the topics rather than personal attacks on me or fellow bloggers. In fact if you have a topic on Liberty, from the Right or the Left. I'd consider publishing it. But try blogging with a name slightly more specific than "Anon 10:04".

  5. "Billy was wearing a "Grill" which made him difficult to understand"

    But no race was alluded to. Yeah right.

    Is this what this group stands for? Really? Keeping a safe distance from the problems and instead of doing something about it, sniping at it and anyone that attempts to make things better?

    What is wrong with you? Grow up and if you care enough about Jacato drive, stop your cry baby whining and do something about it. You can blog from onsite and tell us all the great things you're doing and then members of LiberTEA can blog about what and idiot you are and how your ideas suck.

    What a joke.

  6. There was a time when Gangster was an insult, and calling a man pimpin' would get you killed. Infact, the first teenager who called pimpin' on me nearly got clobbered.
    Now, somebody will call me a racist, but should we listen to anything tho hold the values of Gangsterism, or the enslavement of women as good things. The Hipp Hopp culter is what has been called Pro-Racist. Volunteering to be everything the KKK thinks about all black people.
    To be Conservative, to conserve all good things from the past. Around here that means going with Milwaukee sage David King.
    To be Progressive, to relly on theories based on this or that "new science". You have The President.
    To be a Gangster, pro-crime. Go to County Jail and pick anybody.
    Progressives can find little if any good in the past, Conservatives think all of Obama's "new scientific theories" are total bunk that have been tried and have failed in other countries. Both the Progressive and Conservative will admire some people or things, if for different reasons. Criminal is pro or con.

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  8. Billy "Big Guns" Hanson is of Norwegian ancestry!! His mothers people were Danish.

    Anon 1:17...Lots of Gangster's and wanna-bees wear "Grills". Latins, African Americans and many Whites, like Eminem.(Actually I think the trend is fading..) But I have had customers in my business wearing these things from all racial group's.. Did I "type cast" it as GangstA-ish? Yes, I did;..does that make it Racist? No of course it doesn't. You are just pre-disposed to immediately hit the Race card, if you don't like a point. It saves you the rational processing required to think and apply logic. (You're not alone..). That's what Bumper Stickers are for..they make an outrageous statement and eliminates the need for independent thought.

  9. Go ahead Downtown Brown. Try to justify your stupid mistake by blaming the people that pointed it out. Way to take responsibility.

    Divert attention away from the fact that this group does absolutely nothing except oppose everything. How brave.

    Try coming up with solutions and actually work on them. Until then, you're just another cry baby tool with nothing to offer this city except complaining. Stop being a backseat politician and try driving for once.

    How pathetic.

  10. What Stupid mistake? There is no racial slur in this posting at all. Get over it!

    I've been "Driving" a long time.. and I am not bashing any leader of this new district proposal. (In fact I don't know who it/ they are). I'm asking questions and trying to figure out where it's coming from. Samuel Adams wasn't President..but he was active and Loud, and inspiring.. I may not have his ability..but I will try to inspire.

    I don't pretend to be a reporter, or a politician. But active yes. Once again if you look at my original posting on this Blog last month the focus was to do more than Bitch..and actually do something. When assorted groups march in a circle at MLK or on Monument Square over an issue in Iraq or Afghanistan.. Do you demand they just sit down and shut-up? I may disagree with them about surrendering, but i admire their passion for the "fight".

    Sorry with the way I see American Capitalism, and individual freedoms and property rights being voided and trampled, and under assault..I can either sit back and let it happen or I can try to fight back.

    Many of my forebears have been on this continent since before the Puritans, and they left me a legacy, which I am trying to leave to my children and Grandchildren.

    Anon 5:17 are you a politician? Perhaps you should unveil yourself?

    OK our fledgling Group of 4 weeks has acted in support of the 6th St. convenience store and Pantry, we have acted in favour of Private Citizens rights.

    I (Downtown Brown), wrote about the 1100 Block of Washington Ave. and the need to reconsider the rights of The Citizens of Racine(who own the property), to make the best decision, for it's future. I think my posting was made after it was tabled.

    I (DTB)wrote a few other opinions which are often done by Bloggers. And I invited YOU to submit your ideas about Liberty, if you so desired...And I have left your postings up for all to see.

    Solutions? I have lot's...Wanna hear them? Stop by introduce yourself and let's talk..I do have solutions..which BTW I have included in my postings where pertinent. I am sure the topics will change and my other ideas/ solutions will be revealed as time goes on. I have left my door open for any Pol's in Racine who wish to hear them. I have been invited to several groups to speak, and have done so.

    I'm go check on My historic home and make sure it's still mine!

    But at the end of the Day you have to admit the Jacato thing was funny!! The fact that it made you so hostile is just frosting on the cake..LOL.

  11. Mr. Anonymus is using a standard tactic of the left. If he can't possibly win, he calls the other guy a bigot. This was actualy given as an order by the Moscow Central Commitee in 1943. If you were loosing you were to call whoever you were debating racist, fascist, or anti-semetic. The last two were a sick joke, since in 1943 the USSR was what Trotsky would have defined as a fascist state, and Stalin was about to wipe out the Jews but died first.
    Getting back to the 21st century it has become first nature for the left to just try to shut down debate. They know, not think but know, that they have perfect moral athority. Thus they will say their part, and what ever is said that they are not in accord with must be evil. They get this athority from their professors, who are the priests of the Progressive Church. They dare not look too deep into this Church of Progressivism, or like I did, they will find that it offers only false gods and hate on comand orders.

  12. LiberTEA offers no debate, only complaints. They have proven they have no will to actually do anything except show up and complain about everyone else's ideas. They are not activists, they are reactivists. It must be nice to call the game from the stands all the time.

    If you had any guts Mr. Downtown, you'd get your friend Billy and take your sorry rear ends down to Jacato Drive and start doing something besides running your mouth.

  13. Dear Bret...Welcome to the discussion, hope to get your take on issues of Liberty in the future.

    LiberTEA was created 4 weeks ago...the debate is on and we are in it. We are not trying to trample anyone's rights or freedoms, just the opposite, if you read mine and others writings.

    Showing up at a public hearing is "Activism", writing and persuading others is activism. Re-activism is Activism.

    I/ and other members have proposed ideas and solutions which have been published here, and on Racine Post, and on JT Blogs. So were not just screaming from the sidelines, were in the mix. We are not 3 people in circle..we're several dozen members after only 4 weeks . We are not collecting money, or raising money, or supporting any candidate of any party, for any office. Individually we all have our favorite issues, and candidates. But LiberTEA is about Liberty, and issues, not candidates or parties.

    Within our group are Greens, Libertarians, Rep, and a few Dems, and Independents. So there is room for you too, Currently looking for a few Whigs, Tories, and Know Nothings (attn. Anon, and "Excuse Me").

    As for actively improving "Ghetto" neighborhoods? Been on that mission for 30 years, (in several neighborhoods) I was successful enough to get my home mentioned in the Hysterical Preservation list. I'll let someone else have a turn with Jacato..Thanks anyway.

    I am amused how in just 4 weeks I/we have been criticized for "just whining" and "caring enough to type a paragraph". LiberTEA had always planned on being Active, beyond a web page, so we "Acted", and now we're told to sit down shut up and go away, it's not your fight, and how dare you interject yourself...And yet many of our members are residents and property owners in the targeted district.

    In 2 days I've been boycotted, had my business slandered and called cruel and a Racist..because I dared to raise my head above the Fox hole..

    Oh well, I'm/ We're not doing LiberTEA for the money, (it doesn't pay anything), so either I/ we care about our city, county, and fellow citizens or were just Masochists..:^).

    So Thanks to all of the supporters and critics who've chimed in. As the current unofficial moderator of the Blog..I welcome your items of interest where "Liberty" is the issue. If you'd like to be included in our occasional mailings send me your e-mail to Libertearacine@tds.net And we'll include you. You are not obligated to agree with everything we discuss, After all that would infringe on YOUR Liberty!

  14. Quick follow-up to those who complained we should actually "Do something". We did and this topic is DEAD! The people of the Historic area can continue to enjoy the Liberty of their property. Thanks to all the residents, fellow citizens and of course LiberTEA Racine founders for helping lead to victory!