Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our first Guest Blogger. Welcome Billy

I rec'd this from Billy Yank and post his words for your review.

"The Federal Legislator has suggested a National Sales Tax. As Congresswoman Bachmann has recently demanded of Tim Geithner what Constitutional power do you have for your actions.
For the taxation of all trade in America I would say they have no power. Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution starts out by giving the Federal Legislature the power to "lay and collect Taxes." However, the power of the government is almost instantly contracted in that very same section where the government is given the power only "To regulate Commerce with Foreign Nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian Tribes" (it was an open question as to whether "Indian Tribes" were Foreign Nations).
The Constitution also prevents its power, which was feared by every one of the Founding Fathers, from growing. They thought they were OK, but knew in their hearts the next generation, or the one after that would forget, in their untried hearts, about freedom. Thus they insisted on the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Bill Of Rights.
The enumeration in the constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
The Power not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.
Now it would seem only Common Sense that a thing made in a state, which never leaves that state would be the business of that state, to tax or not tax as that state saw fit. Our milk is produced by Wisconsinite farmers, some who's families founded this state. It is purchased by Wisconsinite mothers, 15% of whom have no work and are feeding their babies as best they can. Finally, it is being drunk by Wisconsinite kids, our next generation.
What is to be done? I say that for those products that we do not send to other states, but sell and consume for ourselves, we must pass a law of nullification. It would simply say to the Federal government that your tax upon our internal commerce is Unconstitutional and we refuse to pay it.
To tax the bread from our children's mouths smacks of the actions of Evil Prince John and his Sheriff of Nottingham, of the abuses of Edward Longshanks against Scotland in the time of William Wallace's "Brave Hart" rebellion. Let us have Our Bread, O Milk, Our Cheese, and OUR FREEDOM!
Billy Yank"

Feel free to submit your editorials about Liberty for Review and possible publication..

Downtown Brown

The Jacato Preservation District???

It looks like there is a new proposal to create yet another "District" in Racine. It will be called the Jacato Preservation District (JPD)..This was created by the group "Gangster Racine". The goal will be to ensure that everything in the "Jacato" district is "preserved" in it's current state. Any future Gardens, green spaces or removal of obsolete buildings will now be Banned. SOMEONE has urged the City Council to look into this, So I expect there will soon be a public hearing on the idea.

The JPD was proposed to ensure that the Private owners of the property will not begin making improvements of any type that may cause the value of their own personal property to increase, causing the current residents to be forced to move away and making it more difficult for Drug dealers and other Money leaching pond scum to have access to their Prey.

The people of the 14 Aldermanic districts will override the votes of the people in the Jacato Preservation District and it's representatives. It is the hope Of "Gangster Racine" that preserving the current conditions will result in securing their Drug Client base for generations to come. It will also ensure a constant source of underprivileged children for the School District to use as examples and excuses for any future poor performance. It is also believed the new district will help keep property values DOWN not only in the District, but in the entire community. This will help keep the taxes LOWER so the City can continue to spend outside of it's budget for years to come.

Landlords will be refused all permits for any reason, with no ability to rationally appeal any decisions that don't Keep "Jacato"...."Jacato-ish". Tom Jones a Jacato landlord is asking anyone with out-dated electrical or plumbing fixtures to drop them off, so that any needs of restoration circa 1970 will be easy to comply with. Shag Carpet samples, harvest gold and avacado appliances are welcome as well!

Jacoto "resident" Billy "Big Guns" Hanson; (he "stays "there), was quoted as saying he was thrilled that in the future he will not need to ride the "C" bus across town to buy his next "Lid". It was impossible to quote him exactly...this reporter has some standards..(Billy was wearing a "Grill" which made him difficult to understand). My apologies to the reader.

Hans Jansenn from the nearby neighborhood is glad to know that at no point will the Jacato area get any better thanks to the Govt. intervention, and he was assured that at some point his home on Mars Blvd...will eligible to be included in the district. He is planning to avoid any future improvement to his home, so he will comply, when the authorities tell him to.

Hmmm I wonder where they got the idea????

Hysterical Historians

Last night LiberTEA Racine joined over 100 voices of citizens in the City and surrounding areas. Our voices were added to the overwhelming objections to the attempt to confiscate the property rights of those residents of the South Side Historic Area. You see SOMEONE* want's to ask the City council to create a Historic District Committee which will be responsible for "Controlling" private citizens and the alterations they make to their homes.. Including replacement Doors, windows, Porches, and Shingles and Downspouts, etc. At the moment house color is not considered, but a review of the proposals indicates that colors of trim, porches, etc. WILL be enforced. I'm sure once the door is open..the restrictions, ordinances, and other "nanny-isms" will be abundent.

So many great points were made, citing the 5th amendment (Illegal Siezure).
The 13th involuntary servitude.....And just the general issue of Liberty.

Thanks for all of the members of LiberTEA who showed up, and for their voices of Liberty.

This isn't "won yet" The next meeting is scheduled for 4:30 on July 6th...I suspect the time will be moved later before the date. If you haven't done so please call your alderman and request this idea be shredded, rather than the Constitution.

Now I (DTB) think the Great question we need to ask is WHO is the *SOMEONE, who requested this proposal? I'd really like to know..Is it Preservation Racine, Landmark Preservation, Dr. Moles; Or could it be that this is the first part of Mayor Dickerts 10 year plan we never heard about?

Thanks for joining in LiberTEA's first Call to Action!!