Thursday, May 21, 2009

UNIT goes Historical!!

Today's JT informs us that our community is about to propose/ impose an Historic district Just South of the Downtown section of the City. As a long time resident of the district I can tell you I am thrilled that the City will be eliminating my property taxes completely in exchange for a "Slavery" agreement where my neighbors and I agree to submit our window plans, Door requests, color chips, and Siding materials before a new nebulous board, which will determine if I am compliant with the Central Planning commission". BTW the city hasn't proposed eliminating property taxes, despite the fact that they wish to invade our property with new regulations, thus denying our Liberty, we should fight back. if you have ever seen some of the nightmares people go thru in theses Historic districts around the country, it's tedious, expensive, and a denial of your personal Liberty.

I remember my Grand-parents telling me stories about parts of Europe back in the 70's where if you wanted to paint your door a different color, you couldn't, unless you got permission from City Hall. I thought it was crazy..and now it's being proposed here by the Neo-Statists. With my home I have always attempted to be true to the "period" it was built, but I did that for my own pleasure, and I believed it helped keep the neighborhood in character. But I wouldn't impose the same rules on my next door neighbor.

It seems rather than killing UNIT we are giving it "Historical" powers.


  1. What do you call it when you aren't allowed to paint your building, expand it or modify it without someone else's permission? It's called renting. If the Historical Society wants to control the look of all buildings in the area, let them buy the properties. They can then control not only the look of the buildings but also their use, as well as who is allowed to live/work there. In my humble opinion, if you aren't willing to take ownership responsibility, you don't get ownership privileges. Those remain with - guess who - THE OWNER!! A novel concept, I'm sure...

  2. Denis reports on the first meeting:

    see his post here: