Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

First Thought: I have sent out invitations to several additional Bloggers whose opinions and commentary will posted on this page too. Readers please remember all of the commentary is from individuals.

Second thought: I read with interest on Denis' blog freeracine.blogspot.com where he discussed Efficient City Govt. And the proposal of Alderman Mozol regarding extending the term of Alderman to 3 years from the current 2. I agree with Denis that this is something we should fight. Taking even more power (Liberty) from the voter is another chip at our Govt. by the people.

3rd: Still trying to weigh my opinion on the SCJ issue where the Company managed to get property tax exemption for the historic area at 16th and Howe, and several of the Buildings. On the one hand if it's good for business (and Liberty) to have lower taxes, maybe we should offer the same deal to ALL of the business owners in Racine! If on the other hand I find out there was a quid pro Quo with with Gov. Doyle, and KRM or something else, I'll become very wary.

4th: Librarian shortage in the schools?? Why can't some of the parents , especially those who may be unemployed, VOLUNTEER for those jobs?? RUSD can not afford to buy more Librarians right now...I'm not against kids, schools or reading, but come on, there is somewhere a few extra employees to fill those jobs, and if not this is exactly the kind of thing Volunteers should jump in to do! I like how some commenter was appalled that we had money for Tennis Courts but not Librarians. I could respond several ways, but the first is that Tennis Courts don't get health care or retirement benefits paid for by the taxpayers. But secondly the reason we have Tennis Courts is Somebody else "Whined", and your School board fell for the "It's for the Kids", line. Maybe when the school tennis courts need to be repaired next time, we wait until we have a volunteer, or we plow them under. Is a Tennis degree currently being offered in RUSD?

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