Thursday, May 21, 2009

Open Carry in Wisconsin

We may have to wait until we get rid of Jim Doyle before we have concealed carry in Wisconsin. But unabated open carry is a move in the right direction.

Why shouldn’t a home owner be able to openly carry a gun on his body while working in the yard? Sounds like a good way to warn would be invader criminal types that they would be in a heap of trouble should they decide to come on over uninvited.

Why shouldn’t a store owner be able to openly carry a gun on his body while working around the store. Again, a nice warning should anyone have misguided thoughts about removing cash from his cash register.

Mayor Jim Smith went ballistic some 10 years ago when a private citizen went shopping with a holstered gun on his hip. Had him arrested for disorderly conduct.

Will the new Mayor John Dickert be able to keep his cools should Racine citizens decide to exercise their rights to openly carry weapons in protection of their persons and property? Or just because they want to wear one for ornamentation?

If he just went on about business and gave it no-mind, it would get him a star on my chart.

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  1. There is one fine problem with your rosey out look on our mayor. He is a progressive. As far back as the 1930's, when Brave New World came out, people have been on to them. They want to control us for our own good. When a person has as much firepower as the police he follows the law because it is the right thing to do. When the police can shove everybody around we are no longer citizens but subjects. Like a king with subjects the progressive would rule us for our own good. Not because God wills it, but because it is scientific. As far as freedom goes its the same. I would rather have the king since an unchanging and moral God stands above him.