Friday, May 22, 2009

Dollar Store or other options.

The recent article about the Dollar Store, and BP proposals submitted for the 1100 Washington ave Site, have created a bit of discussion on the Post This is a bit unusual from a Liberty perspective.

The land is currently owned by the City Taxpayers, and consequently is not collecting any taxable income, nor is it being used by the Citizens as a park or other use. The Council is entertaining options as to what should go in that location, and the question is should we take one of the 3 current offers; or wait until a better project comes down the road?

Speaking of the Road, Hwy 20 is the most important Avenue into Racine at this time. It has some undesirable corridors which strongly effect the visitors and residents of their perception of the City as they approach our Downtown. (Yes I have a Downtown Bias, because it is the future of the City in my opinion). I think a semi-permanent Farmers market could be created by the City, or a private developer, It could be like a Borgardts with mostly outdoor displays, rented to whomever, perhaps an enclosed section for a Butcher Shoppe or even a Bakery. It could almost become a part time/ seasonal Grocery for local, and not so local produce. Having a Class A liquor store down the road on 6th St would be great as well.

If the property was already owned by the Minn. company and they wanted to build the Dollar Store, I'd say let them, and let's stay out of the way. But since we do have a choice, I think we should keep the options open.

In the meantime we are rebuilding 7th St, next year, (I think), and will likely get a Round-a-bout at 7th and Grand, Let's widen Hwy 20 while we have the chance and put in a narrow Blvd. from Tino's to the tracks or 14th? As we continue West we should consider that theme for Hwy 20.

Traffic flow, ample parking and as much aesthetic beauty down the Avenue is going to improve the appearance and the attitudes about our City.

So what do you think??


  1. This is an opportunity to get a company who is actually doing well right now despite the insanity. Worrying about the look and feel of this facility as we walk away from tax revenue and jobs seems to be the Racine way.

  2. Thanks for your commentary Anon. Based on your thought should Racine's Common Council, take ANY prosperous business and allow them to fill that vacant space? In my posting I made it clear that if it was private property, we should stay out of the way..and allow any legal business access. But in THIS case the City still owns the land; Thus we are in some position to make the best Return on investment(ROI) to the City Taxpayers, If that means waiting until next Fall or even longer, that is fine. In the mean time Mow the grass a few times a Summer. Or allow Green Racine or the Urban Garden group to "Rent" it for a season or 2.

    Racine has plenty of vacant buildings which are privately owned, and empty. We already have an abundance of Family Dollar, type stores..It's not like we are blocking Macy's from opening a new location.

    In this Case I believe the Liberty is held by the Citizens of Racine, who should freely decide what is in their own best interest.