Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Clean up the River!! Mr. Mayor??

I was speaking with a friend the other day, and he told me how he had really worked hard on the Dickert campaign. I told him I was proud of his activism, and asked why he supported Dickert over Turner or Harding. His answer was that John was the only one that spoke to him about cleaning up the Root River, and he really cared about the environment! I said well that was great why does John, or you or anyone else have to go knocking on doors, or chanting at rally's or waving signs, just to elect a guy to "clean up" the River.. It seems to me that the same amount of energy would've probably cleaned up the river pretty nicely. A month ago!!

So to all of you who want to "clean up" the Root River, or North Beach, or the nearest City park to your house...GO DO IT...Let me know what day, and I'll show up if I can. We don't need to Charge the Taxpayers, to hire a company or add more burden to the Park's Dept, or the DNR, to go clean up some litter. Also a little finger wagging at the some of the folks who treat our city like it's their personal trash barrel. (In case your wondering..yes I have, finger waved and yelled! Often!)

Here's other things we can all do to make Racine a better place, Urban Gardening....just picking up loose trash and throwing it in a basket. no taxpayer cost at all. Just your "Liberty" at work.

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