Friday, May 22, 2009

Dollar Store or other options.

The recent article about the Dollar Store, and BP proposals submitted for the 1100 Washington ave Site, have created a bit of discussion on the Post This is a bit unusual from a Liberty perspective.

The land is currently owned by the City Taxpayers, and consequently is not collecting any taxable income, nor is it being used by the Citizens as a park or other use. The Council is entertaining options as to what should go in that location, and the question is should we take one of the 3 current offers; or wait until a better project comes down the road?

Speaking of the Road, Hwy 20 is the most important Avenue into Racine at this time. It has some undesirable corridors which strongly effect the visitors and residents of their perception of the City as they approach our Downtown. (Yes I have a Downtown Bias, because it is the future of the City in my opinion). I think a semi-permanent Farmers market could be created by the City, or a private developer, It could be like a Borgardts with mostly outdoor displays, rented to whomever, perhaps an enclosed section for a Butcher Shoppe or even a Bakery. It could almost become a part time/ seasonal Grocery for local, and not so local produce. Having a Class A liquor store down the road on 6th St would be great as well.

If the property was already owned by the Minn. company and they wanted to build the Dollar Store, I'd say let them, and let's stay out of the way. But since we do have a choice, I think we should keep the options open.

In the meantime we are rebuilding 7th St, next year, (I think), and will likely get a Round-a-bout at 7th and Grand, Let's widen Hwy 20 while we have the chance and put in a narrow Blvd. from Tino's to the tracks or 14th? As we continue West we should consider that theme for Hwy 20.

Traffic flow, ample parking and as much aesthetic beauty down the Avenue is going to improve the appearance and the attitudes about our City.

So what do you think??

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Open Carry in Wisconsin

We may have to wait until we get rid of Jim Doyle before we have concealed carry in Wisconsin. But unabated open carry is a move in the right direction.

Why shouldn’t a home owner be able to openly carry a gun on his body while working in the yard? Sounds like a good way to warn would be invader criminal types that they would be in a heap of trouble should they decide to come on over uninvited.

Why shouldn’t a store owner be able to openly carry a gun on his body while working around the store. Again, a nice warning should anyone have misguided thoughts about removing cash from his cash register.

Mayor Jim Smith went ballistic some 10 years ago when a private citizen went shopping with a holstered gun on his hip. Had him arrested for disorderly conduct.

Will the new Mayor John Dickert be able to keep his cools should Racine citizens decide to exercise their rights to openly carry weapons in protection of their persons and property? Or just because they want to wear one for ornamentation?

If he just went on about business and gave it no-mind, it would get him a star on my chart.

UNIT goes Historical!!

Today's JT informs us that our community is about to propose/ impose an Historic district Just South of the Downtown section of the City. As a long time resident of the district I can tell you I am thrilled that the City will be eliminating my property taxes completely in exchange for a "Slavery" agreement where my neighbors and I agree to submit our window plans, Door requests, color chips, and Siding materials before a new nebulous board, which will determine if I am compliant with the Central Planning commission". BTW the city hasn't proposed eliminating property taxes, despite the fact that they wish to invade our property with new regulations, thus denying our Liberty, we should fight back. if you have ever seen some of the nightmares people go thru in theses Historic districts around the country, it's tedious, expensive, and a denial of your personal Liberty.

I remember my Grand-parents telling me stories about parts of Europe back in the 70's where if you wanted to paint your door a different color, you couldn't, unless you got permission from City Hall. I thought it was crazy..and now it's being proposed here by the Neo-Statists. With my home I have always attempted to be true to the "period" it was built, but I did that for my own pleasure, and I believed it helped keep the neighborhood in character. But I wouldn't impose the same rules on my next door neighbor.

It seems rather than killing UNIT we are giving it "Historical" powers.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Clean up the River!! Mr. Mayor??

I was speaking with a friend the other day, and he told me how he had really worked hard on the Dickert campaign. I told him I was proud of his activism, and asked why he supported Dickert over Turner or Harding. His answer was that John was the only one that spoke to him about cleaning up the Root River, and he really cared about the environment! I said well that was great why does John, or you or anyone else have to go knocking on doors, or chanting at rally's or waving signs, just to elect a guy to "clean up" the River.. It seems to me that the same amount of energy would've probably cleaned up the river pretty nicely. A month ago!!

So to all of you who want to "clean up" the Root River, or North Beach, or the nearest City park to your house...GO DO IT...Let me know what day, and I'll show up if I can. We don't need to Charge the Taxpayers, to hire a company or add more burden to the Park's Dept, or the DNR, to go clean up some litter. Also a little finger wagging at the some of the folks who treat our city like it's their personal trash barrel. (In case your wondering..yes I have, finger waved and yelled! Often!)

Here's other things we can all do to make Racine a better place, Urban Gardening....just picking up loose trash and throwing it in a basket. no taxpayer cost at all. Just your "Liberty" at work.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

First Thought: I have sent out invitations to several additional Bloggers whose opinions and commentary will posted on this page too. Readers please remember all of the commentary is from individuals.

Second thought: I read with interest on Denis' blog where he discussed Efficient City Govt. And the proposal of Alderman Mozol regarding extending the term of Alderman to 3 years from the current 2. I agree with Denis that this is something we should fight. Taking even more power (Liberty) from the voter is another chip at our Govt. by the people.

3rd: Still trying to weigh my opinion on the SCJ issue where the Company managed to get property tax exemption for the historic area at 16th and Howe, and several of the Buildings. On the one hand if it's good for business (and Liberty) to have lower taxes, maybe we should offer the same deal to ALL of the business owners in Racine! If on the other hand I find out there was a quid pro Quo with with Gov. Doyle, and KRM or something else, I'll become very wary.

4th: Librarian shortage in the schools?? Why can't some of the parents , especially those who may be unemployed, VOLUNTEER for those jobs?? RUSD can not afford to buy more Librarians right now...I'm not against kids, schools or reading, but come on, there is somewhere a few extra employees to fill those jobs, and if not this is exactly the kind of thing Volunteers should jump in to do! I like how some commenter was appalled that we had money for Tennis Courts but not Librarians. I could respond several ways, but the first is that Tennis Courts don't get health care or retirement benefits paid for by the taxpayers. But secondly the reason we have Tennis Courts is Somebody else "Whined", and your School board fell for the "It's for the Kids", line. Maybe when the school tennis courts need to be repaired next time, we wait until we have a volunteer, or we plow them under. Is a Tennis degree currently being offered in RUSD?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome to LiberTEA Racine

Welcome to LiberTEA Racine.

I'd like to thank all of the people who helped me take an idea and turn it into something real. It is the goal of all us at LR to raise awareness to the "Disease" that is "killing" Freedom everyday in Racine, America and around the world. Our Liberty's are being attacked one by one as the government grows at all levels. I have been chomping to get this site running for weeks now. In just the past few weeks our Common Council members killed a small Liquor store and pantry from joining our community to sell legal products legally, in a building where the landlord was supportive! Our Common council knows better? A vacant building is a better deal for the city? Today the State of Wisconsin passed a law crushing the Liberty of a business to decide whether it's customers should have the freedom to smoke or not smoke. President Obama fired the President of GM, and is in the process of turning the majority stock holding to the Unions that created the demise of Chrysler. Had Chrysler had the Liberty to actually make cars that their market research said the people wanted to buy, Chrysler today wouldn't be turning into a Govt. Agency! Mr. president have you ever had a job selling ANYTHING that wasn't a Govt. Agency??

These are just a few of the items that seem to come along everyday, week, or month. LR doesn't believe we can stop all of the fights against Govt. and Nanny state intervention, but we can be a forum for discussion and a group that advocates change, and then takes action at the local level to make change real!

Over the next few weeks we have in place a Website, and will use this Blogsite to welcome commentary from anyone interested in sharing their thoughts. We will also have 6 regular contributors, and we are considering offering "guest" contributors as well.

LiberTEA Racine is a group of concerned Racine area citizens dedicated to preserving and recovering our liberties from the near constant encroachment by government. We are an issue driven, active and non-partisan organization focusing on local issues that concern our liberties.

I'd also like to thank Denis and the TEA Party in Racine for the inspiration to "Do Something!"
Denis also directed me to the following quote:
"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote
." -Benjamin Franklin

LR will have a group of contributors, as well as an investigative newshound or 2, looking for the News the JT and the local radio station don't cover. We will focus primarily on issues in the City, and County of Racine, with additional coverage of issues in the surrounding villages. LR knows Racine is not the Liberty haven we would like, but our surrounding neighbors are very supportive, and we ask for and will offer our help on their issues, too.

Liberty Racine is not a "Rent-a-Mob" that shows up around a statue every week shouting Jesse Jackson chants. But we do believe our voices are being ignored, and maybe it's our own fault. To change that we will have about every 2 weeks an "Action Call". No you don't have to ride on horseback thru the city at night...but instead we'll post the issue, and the appropriate contact people, (Alderman, Mayor, County Super. or County Executive, and on occasion Lehman, Turner, Mason, Vos, and even the Gov. ). It is our goal to make it so easy you can "Do Something" in five don't even have to get out of your jammies!! A phone call or a quick e-mail. If you know a friend who would benefit from our "service" have them send LR an e-mail, and we will include it in the broadcast.

At this time this is a voluntary, unpaid, act of conscience, there is no charge to subscribe, nor any commitment to act, but you have your conscience's too;^).

This is a non-partisan group focus on winning achievable Liberty issues.

My Grand-parents gave me a free America, I owe it to my Grand-children to leave the "campsite" in better shape than I found it!! Keep America Free!