Friday, December 18, 2009

An Iranian Invasion of Iraq? Mr. President your move?

President Obama was going to be ready on "Day one", to preside. So here we have yet another act by a rogue country. Iran has gone into Iraq to steal and claim Oil Wells. This is the same week the President is trying to pass Health Care or anything he pretend is H/C. Unemployment is "Unexpectedly" up again? Unexpected to who Mr. President? Did you actually think passing a Trillion dollar spending program with no significant "shovel ready" projects ready to move. Only a small percent of the monies have been spent most of it went to Teachers union jobs, and AFSCME jobs in GOVERNMENT. So it wasn't unexpected to most of us..we realized the only way to grow jobs is to reduce the tax burden on Americans..especially was to reduce Taxes. U also knew that was true, but chose to wreck the economy further!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bush's Policy's win the Nobel Prize, (Obama reads Bush's speech?).

I think it was really of Classy of Obama to accept the Nobel Peace Prize Award that George W. Bush EARNED. You notice in the Speech how much he sounded like the Bush Doctrine rather than the Obama Doctrine..(Surrender and apologize). Even my Lefty friends are mad that Obama is gonna try to win the Afgan War. (Sorry MarKOS).

"Whatever mistakes we have made, the plain fact is this: The United States of America has helped underwrite global security for more than six decades with the blood of our citizens and the strength of our arms." Barack Obama's Teleprompter.

"We have borne this burden not because we seek to impose our will," Mr. Obama said. "We have done so out of enlightened self-interest — because we seek a better future for our children and grandchildren, and we believe that their lives will be better if other peoples' children and grandchildren can live in freedom and prosperity."

The president sharply advised his audience to "make no mistake: Evil does exist in the world."

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sarah Palin's Qualifications

One of My Toledo Facebook Friends, (and a long time friend) posted the following comment (note the level of intolerance of other's opinions):
Face book user states: " 'has earned her disillusionment. she has been fighting most of her life" - Ani Difranco p.s. here's a litmus test. if you think that Sarah Palin is anything more than pretty hair and a waste of lip gloss... don't read my shit (on Facebook). Thank you."

I found it revealing that it fits the idea that "Everyone I know thinks X y or Z".

There was a bit of dialogue (including a comment mentioning Isabella Rosselini's and her beauty), and my response got a bit lengthy so I thought I'd copy it here:

Unfortunatly Isabella Rossellini is not eligible to run for Pres. or VP since she's Italian: But I agree she's pretty Hot.
Now maybe I'm a little out there but I don't vote for the "Hot" candidate; I vote for the most competent candidate, who most closely matches my ideology and supports the US Constitution, since the swearing in of said candidate must state the oath.
Now I would gladly put Palin's qualifications and resume up against any of the following: Barack Obama; Joe Biden; Hillary Clinton; Harry Ried; or Nancy Pelosi. While I don't expect to support her in the Primary in 2012 should she decide to run.. but I have great respect for her. For those of you who wish to dismiss her out of hand at this point in history go backwards 4 years and tell me anyone thought Barack Obama could possibly be elected President in 2008. I do find it interesting how my friends on the"Left" are trying so hard to dismiss her. She is a self made successful Woman, and mother..Who DOES have executive experience, Does have a background in business, does have a success as a Mother and Wife. She is also a WOMAN elected to the highest office in the Country so far. Something only a handful of woman have accomplished thus far. Granholm, Sebilius, Lingle, Rell and a very few others. Now Alaska is one of the most "White Male" Republican States in the country and yet they were able to elect a Woman.. how about Ohio? How many woman have one the top 3 jobs in Ohio? I'm counting none so far. (Same thing here in Wisconsin). Now I wouldn't vote for or against someone based on sex..I am just pointing it out. I know Rachel's for passion for fairness to woman..and I support her efforts and passion. I just wonder if the hair and make-up would be mentioned if Todd had beat her up, (Chris Brown)..or cheated on her (Bill Clinton), Or if she had been raped or had a few abortions (Maya Angelou). Instead she succeeded against many "Glass ceiling" odds. and almost made it to VP of the land. For those of you under the delusion that Palin lost the election for me when I tell you Johnny Mac lost his election, it would've been worse for him if Palin hadn't been on the ticket.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

President Obama fires Charlie Brown??!!

OK first GM and Chrysler and dictating how much money this, that or the other Regional director of Wachovia can be paid; But Mr. Present did you have to eliminate CHARLIE BROWN??? OK I realize how you only had 5 and a half months to create a policy that wouldn't succeed but will allow you to PRETEND that you are doing SOMETHING. Mr. Pres. Your "guy" Genl. McKrystal was the one who said give me 40,000 if YOU want to win. YOU sir decided on 30,000..that tells us, (The American people and the remaining Taliban, Al Queda and other potential enemies), that your heart isn't in it, and Victory is not part of your "Plan". This come as no surprise to me at all. I also noticed how little emotional support in the room full of young Officer's facing your leadership. You chose that Venue at West Point for your photo-op, and you had weeks to write your speech. and yet you gave the worst delivery I have seen from you. Mr. Present I have seen your don't care what you say as long it's on the Tele-prompter you "Read" a magnificent speech. You could read a recipe for oatmeal cookies with greater passion. That Sir was mailed in. I do hope that our forces can be effective next Spring as the numbers of casualties grows. Your base Mr. Pres. want you to fail on this mission as much as I want you to fail on Cap and Tax, Health care and foolhardy Stimulus pkg's.

Just remember Pres. O. This is the WAR you said needed to be fought. So strap on a pair and fight. Genl. McClellan "dithered" for 2 years.. Genl. US Grant WON! Try winning.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

George Vs. Goliath, (And are you throwing that away?)

I 'd like to point all of my readers to George Meyers new Blog. he's been active about a month or so. George has probably attended more City council meetings that most anyone else in the city..who isn't actually a seated board member. George has paid special attention to the Council this year as Mayor Dickert's first budget rolls thru. I am happy to report that there appears to be some sign of pressure on our elected Alderfolks. They are looking a bit more carefully at some of the spending that passes beneath their noses. It's good to see. every family and Business in the City, County, State, and Federal level had to sharpen the pencil and budget's. It's only normal that the City should do the same.

Rick Jones and his folks have managed to shove this "Recycling Cart" down our throats. when most folks were happy with the Blue Bags. It can not possibly be cheaper to the city, or the DPW or the taxpayers to go and purchase a bunch of silly carts. Just think for a second we still have to send a crew house to house..and they still have to pick-up the recyclables and throw them in the back of the truck. If a truck is parked in front of your house the attendant can more easily pick up 1,2 or even three Blue bags. But a cart will require 3 separate trips for the worker. How does that save time or money? Is that more efficient or less? Now many days or weeks during the year many people will not bother to drag the recycle cart to the road because of snow or what ever. Where tossing the blue bag would be easy.

Parking in the winter? Why must our city enforce this new weekend parking restriction? is it really because of snow removal and street sweeping? no of core not it's about collecting more "FEES". not taxes..don't be ridiculous..we're addicted to "FEES" yes on the 3-10 times a a winter it snows enough for an "emergency" but how many times is it on a Friday or Saturday. Maybe twice? Make no mistake folk it's for the Money...and the refusal to cut the hard stuff.

BTW I'd like to commend Jeff Coe, Sandy Weidner, and Mike Sheilds for at least having the cohannes to make some tough cuts. Bravo. George I'll try to join you for a few of these meetings..maybe if they can see the people watching they'll be even more thrifty. All of you out there who see George on Car 25 keep giving him and Atta-boy's.. he's looking out for you!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

President George W And Laura Bush Quietly vistit Ft. Hood.

I was so struck to hear this. They asked for a secret visit, so they could offer condolences, and comfort to the soldiers and families of Ft. Hood. They didn't have to go..but I am not even a little surprised that they did.

I read these 2 Blogger posts today, written by a few liberals and I was impressed by their commentary: I strongly urge you read them.

Blog link #1

Blog link #2

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dede Scozz. Get's Spooked in NY 23

I've been curious to watch the tide in the 2010 Races in NJ, Virginia and NY 23 Us Congressional race. After the Dem's controlled the Congress for nearly 3 years and the Executive position for nearly a year. These are always an interesting barometer of the mood, and faith of the direction of the country. NJ is notoriously Dem, but a few recent Re. have broken thru. The "Presint" and his advisers are watching this one very closely, should Corzine and all his money and backing lose it could derail much of the "Presint's" agenda..because the Blue Dog's and other moderate Dem's will be scared off. I think even in NJ the people are losing faith in the Huge Govt. agenda the Dem's are foisting on the masses all across the country, and are asking for a Hold" on any new taxes until we can see some stability in our markets, real estate values, etc.

Today Dede "S" who has been challenged from the Conservative Candidate Hoffman, has seen her lead evaporate in the past week or so, and she's now in third place. Today she has bowed out of the race. Dede is one of a dying breed of RINO's the Conservatives are gaining strength all across the country. Those Rino's of the past who spent too much during the Bush years are vanishing..Next time the R's take control of the House, Senate, and is imperative that they demonstrate spending control! In just 9 Months with all the control over spending Obama and the Dem's have spent more in deficit than Bush and the R's did in the first 6 years of their control!

All of the excessive, unexcusable spending is a Tax, and an infringement on the Liberty of all of us..but most especially the younger generation who will be enslaved by the debt we are amassing! Furthermore we have made it more difficult for them to climb the first rung of the ladder with outrageously high unemployment for the youngest workers!

Friday, October 9, 2009

"Peace" in just 11 Days!!

Obama was sworn in as "Present" for 11 Days.. Yes that's right 11 DAYS!!! "Present" Obama was so masterful that he earned the highest Peace award.

Remember folks Adolph Hitler and Yassar Arafat also won or were nominated for the "Peace" prize. and glowingly un-brilliant incompetents like Al Gore and Jimmy Carter also won. The selection was made on Feb 1st! Obama was sworn in 11 days earlier!!.. the only thing he had accomplished by that time was a freeze on Drilling in the US, an empty promise to close Gitmo, and opening up the American wallet to pay for abortions in other countries. for that he get's a "Peace" award???

Imagine W was president for 8 years and stopped or brought their knees 5 tyrants...Osama, Saddam, Qhadaffi, Kim Jung Il, and Arafat. He at least made fools of Achmedinajad, Chavez, and even kept Bashir in check.

Under Bush more woman were given freedoms in Muslim countries than at any time in history.

I have thought Nobel prize was a fools game anyway. Nobel was the inventor of TNT afterall...not exactly a "peaceful" tool!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Blame it on Rio or Blame it on B.O.?

Congratulations to the Brazilians and all of South America. I believe this will be the third time in history the Summer games will be played the Southern Hemisphere, (Melbourne and Sydney). It might mean the games will be in Sept./October like the Aussies did in Sydney. Remember how that impacted our Presidential election.

Of course the absolute embarrassment of the "Pres-ent" dropping everything to go to Denmark where the results were not pre-ordained was just politically stupid.

One thing or another happened: Either the the deal was pre-determined that Chicago would win and the "Pres-ent" wanted to stick his nose in and claim a victory.. which is the worst possible scenario.. because if true; He went, He spoke, He knelt and the Euro's were not as impressed as we were led to believe they would be.
Or it wasn't pre-set in which case he demonstrated that he is not the great sales guy he portends himself to be. (Maybe Vince, the Sham WoW guy wasn't available).

Now ask yourself.. he had to know there was a downside risk here. Did Richard Daley have the dirt on him, enough to convince him to make the effort.. When Pres-ent O' should be figuring out what he thinks about Afganistan..what he should do with the Auto industry that he F'ed up; what he should do to try re-invigorate the economy..oh yeah and what about the Health Care thingy.. that he has over-exposed himself over.

(BTW Mr. Pres-ent if you want to get the economy going again..get out there and propose extending the Bush tax cuts for another 4 years. They expire next year! Furthermore look for other cuts in taxes and spending immediately!) Cancel the stimulus package!

Well I'll give him this at least he didn't apologize this time for anything.

How does this effect Racine? Well if Chicago had gotten the games the KRM thing would be put on the front burner.. fortunately we can keep this thing kicked down the path for another few years. We can keep the focus on widening 94 and perhaps we can get back to discussing extending 794 to Racine, Kenosha, Waukegan and beyond.

I do hope Chicago re-applies for the 2020 Olympics and President Mitt Romney would have much greater credentials to bring to the table, and it Gives Illinois a few years to clean up it's politics. Can someone please beat Richard Daley!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Racine has Wisconsin's BEST Schools!

OK no they don't actually. But in 5 years they COULD. Free Racine this morning has some great commentary about what schools can/ or should teach. Free Racine

I responded:
In an ideal situation the Govt. would provide a voucher for each U.S. student to be used for educational purposes. The parents of the children could direct those funds towards the education they believe is the best for each child. It could be an all philosophy school, and all arts academy, and athletics, or even military focused academy; or a plethera of options in between. Different sized communities would offer greater assortments. People with similar needs may decide to relocate in certain areas that offer a specific experience.

Racine is actually the perfect size city to experiment with. We have lot's of school buildings many are empty. and we could offer REAL school choice right here in Racine, Caledonia, Mt. Pleasant.
It is true that initially the religious schools would attract students and would likely double or triple enrollments within the first 2-3 years of the program. but soon you will see experimental start-ups throughout our community. Capitalism and quality will determine which schools succeed or fail.

It's too late for my children to benefit, but it's not too late for the next generation of children in our city.

If we want to draw people, business and opportunity to our city we must create something better, and different. Racine's biggest challenge is our public schools reputation, Imagine a few years from now the perception of is Racine is how fantastic the educational opportunities are.
We can do this WITHOUT increasing taxes on citizens or businesses."

Now I realize this will not fix broken families or other endemic problems, that NO GOVT. program can fix. But we are always told to not be so narrow minded, I submit to you that this 21st century approach to education will save money and resources for all of us. But most importantly will raise the quality of education of our children.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"They don't know who they're messing with," J. Spangenberg

Jim Spangenberg Alderman from West Racine, Is wielding his mighty sword AGAIN!. This time he's after a local businessman Tom Tousis. TT has bowed at the alter of the Union's; The Enviornmentalist's; many of the West Racine neighbors; the Farmers Market; and even the city council. Evidently he forgot to kneel down before Ald. Spang. and beg his mercy and blessing.

Shame on you Tom how dare you try to do business in this town. Did you not the read signs on the way into town. Unless you are willing to open a business designed by the City council which it has deemed appropriate, in it's infinite wisdom.

You see Tom our City Council, (which was going to "help" historic neighbors decide which shingles and window treatments they should consider appropriate). Has evidently created a new product, It's called "Business in a Box". This where a City Council creates the business YOU should build, YOU simply go in with your big stack of money and they will design your a business for YOU! Now don't expect to be allowed to sell anything profitable, or that will make your shop convenient, like petroleum or alcohol.

You see Tom our city is losing residents, has a high unemployment problem, and opening anything other than yet another Dollar Store, is considered to "Elitist".

OK sorry about the heavy hand above. but really this is getting ridiculous!! If I understand this correctly Tousis isn't asking for a hand out. He's getting property back on the tax rolls; his proposal will create jobs and provide products and services to a neighborhood. Furthermore he is spending his own money, he has a viable and I would say clean, attractive business on Douglas already.

So seriously Alderman Spangenberg, why not allow a Gas Station on that location. Or reach into your pocket and you build the perfect project. If Tom Fails he fails. America should be about success without the heavy hand of Govt.

Threats like "They don't know who they're messing with," Are just as over the top as my article.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Has the "Economic Civil War" begun? Is that what "Change" is?

It seems the Obama "non-partisan" local support groups are now threatening local business just for allowing opposing groups to meet in their businesses. I am affiliated with assorted business, political, and advocacy groups. One of those groups meets un-officially at a local restaurant. When the coordinator of another local "Change" group, found out that our group would be meeting at this location, she went and approached the Franchise owner after asking several employees who to discuss her concern's with.

Now this is not a formal meeting, no mics, no dues collected, no attendance is taken, it's not part of a 401C or anything. Just people with a similar point of view meeting to discuss our issues, and offer suggestions on how to address them. We don't involve anyone from nearby tables. We simply gather enough chairs and tables to accommodate our group; from 4-20 people, whoever shows up.

The owner of this local franchise received a veiled threat from this woman, notably that the business could be boycotted because he was permitting this group to meet at his place. Inferring that many people might object to this group and what it believes..perhaps his business might even be accused of supporting "RACISM"!! Yes the "Racism" word that is being tossed around. (There is absolutely nothing Racial or Racist within this particular group). But have you noticed since last weeks Obama speech how much the word Racism is being thrown around? (See Maureen Dowd amoung others).

I have recently had several people mention that they wouldn't support my local business because of my political views. My business is not "political" although I can be. It is a fine line you cross, especially when you are a one person operation. I have been made to feel that if I don't support the Neo-lefties and the "Statist" overthrow of our country, that they would like to see my business suffer.

My second hand information appears to point to the leadership of a local "Non-Partisan" controversial head. I wonder now if said person might be responsible for the attacks on myself and other businesses in town, on the blogs and elsewhere. If my suspicion is proved out; It would be ironic considering the recent hulaballo over the town hall forums, and the phony outrage demonstrated during that fiasco. I can only imagine if the business person had been threatened to have the Franchisor "notified". Perhaps that was inferred in the veiled threat?? (BTW neither the franchisor, or the Franchisee are part of this group that meets).

I have read recently some who say that we already in a "Civil War" in this country between Right and Left. Instead of North vs. South it seems the "Tolerant Left" may not be so tolerant after all. But it comes as no surprise to me. I have left the names of the players out of this general topic, but I know firsthand all of the players involved, (although one is only a suspect, that meets the description to a tee).

The identification has been verified that person who approached the Franchise owner has verified that it was in fact Kelly Gallaher. (Thanks to the picture featured on Racine POST. Thanks Pete Selkowe!)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

If Senator Larry Craig is dead should we lower the flags for him too??

Watched most of the Coverage of the "Teddy" Funeral this morning. I thought the Younger Ted Kennedy did a great job in his eulogy of his father, I suspect he may be handed the temporary job to fill his Fathers shoes. But I understand the Massachusetts GOP will be fighting to keep the Kennedy Law on Senators in place thus creating a State Supreme Court fight over the legitimate replacement for the seat.

I drove around the past several days and noticed how many Flags were at half staff at the Govt. buildings, Post office, Public Library, etc. I asked several people today if we can expect to see flags at half-staff when Sen Larry Craig passes away? There used to be a standard for when the flags were lowered..Now it seems every time someone gets a head cold the flags are ordered lowered. Now if you have a Flag and a pole at your home..I am in favour of your choosing to lower it and raise it as you wish..If you brother, or cousin dies..It should be up to you if want to honour that person by lowering your own flag. But The Govt. buildings should have a set of standards..and follow them.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Low cost housing for "Public Employees"??

The City of Racine is wanting to clear some properties off their lists, and encourage people to move back into our city. So several of your City Alderfolks have decided to offer Half price houses for Public employees. I simply can not understand why the AlderPeople have decided that half of the things they rule on have to be special for City and public employees. Let's ask the the reason the intended buyers are not currently buying these houses at full price, and they are not yet buying any of the hundreds of foreclosed properties which are already half price or even less? What is the reason these "Public Employees", haven't already gobbled up these homes? Is it because the price is too high? Or is there another reason?

If a lower price (and thus a lower cost of residency) is the stimulation required to get them to Buy now; Is it possible that some of the reason others aren't flocking here to grab up our "bargains", is because Racine is perceived to have a high tax atmosphere? Or is it our below average Public Schools? High un-employment?

Why is it in a time when so many other companies are cutting staff and costs, and trying to hold down costs. Why is the City, (and the School Board), are not following suit? Yes it's true the State cut back on funding at the City and County level...We should respond by operating our civic governments within the remaining taxable funds. Attacking our few prosperous remaining residents will only further limit the spending ability needed by these tax-payers to support our businesses.
As a resident, Tax-payer, Small business owner, and property owner, I find it an outrage that we would target this "Brilliant" idea to liquidate City owned property..but will only offer these homes to City and School employees. While the city has the Liberty to do it..Don't all people have the same Liberty to bid on these homes? And should the City undercut the free market, infringing on the Liberty of other property Sellers, and the agents they hire to sell their extra homes. Feel free to add your comments...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another business blocked from Racine

Last evening the Committee, voted to make it too difficult for a new business to join 6th Street. The recent enactment of a "Cap" on liquor licenses, has been used as the excuse, that Rules are rules. Thus Racine can ensure less entrepreneurs, will look to Racine as a place to grow and welcome businesses. Yes we can open all the art galleries, clothing stores, antiques and wig shops as no "licenses" are required...

I would like to thank the Chun's and the Choi's for their diligence in attempting to bring a new business to our community. Mr. Choi has been a generous investor in the 6th St. region, and his enthusiasm, and track record should be enough to garner the support of his neighbors and the Council...I am sorry to report it was not sufficient.

I'd like to thank all of the points of view that were represented last night..It does however seem to me that several of the 6th Street residents want a Zero allowance for any additional alcohol outlets. This renders the value of the remaining vacant buildings less valuable since the Leasor can not have access to a complete and fair market. This IMHO is a violation of the liberty of the property owners.

Alderman Helding is correct in that I, do not feel the limitation rule is fair. While the state gives the cities the power to limit licenses, it also gives them the power to NOT limit licenses.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I read the news today Oh boy.....

On my coffee "mission" this morning I passed by the Headline on the top of the fold of the JTimes: "Unemployment Rate Drops". I had to do a double take...Did I not actually hear the UE numbers INCREASED?? I did listen to the joyous chorus of reporters yesterday as the unemployment numbers were released, these floks were so giddy I thought the new jobs created was 250 K rather than lost. I couldn't help but to wonder if 1 year ago the UE numbers INCREASED by a Quarter of a Million Jobs, and George Bush was President..would the headline read the same? Somehow I doubt it. I see the banner headline "250 thousand more jobs lost" (Vote for Obama!)...Ok the Obama part wouldn't have been written in the article..but the inference would be there.

I also noticed the other day all of the discussions about the "Mobs", and the intolerance of the "Right". When people care enough to go to a town hall meeting which normally has 15-50 people...and 1500 are willing to show up...It is catching the anti-Liberty factions running our Govt. at so many levels. They can't believe the "silent Majority", that sat on their hands, and were disappointed in John McCain or let Tina Fey pick the president by trashing his running mate, who had stronger Executive credentials than either Obama or Biden. Imagine if the Repubs had run a "Community Organizer" as the party head...all of the SNL & Leo jokes that would have been forth-coming.

OK I know that LiberTEA Racine is a non-partisan site, and the Blog commentary is usually for "Local" issues. But I am excersizing my own "Liberty" to speak on a broader topic...However in my defense we are seeing many LOCAL citizens speak up at City Hall, Common Council meetings.. on the Blogs and at Town Hall meetings all over Wisconsin and the US... For those attended or only read about the TEA party meetings of April & May....We all asked then:" What next??" The answer is your fellow citizens are standing up and trying to stop the Anti-Liberty, big tax, big Govt. folks from rolling over your life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness, While taking even more money from your earnings..If you don't join in the fight you will have no one to blame but yourself.

These times are nearing revolutionary momentum...I am not speaking of a Gunfight..but an "IDEA" fight we have got to stop this at every level..from who owns your property, to who gets to decide your health care. The current leadership in Washington and Madison are NOT making the choices they know will make the economy better, they are ignorantly or purposely choosing to keep the Recession ongoing so they can use it as a tool to enact their big Government solutions. If they make Govt any larger, and taxes even harder, you will begin to see an exodus of money and wealth leaving this country, first a trickle (It's already happening), and then a stream and then a tidal wave as the last of the wealth leaves the country. (I point to NY, CA and NJ where it's already begun). So join the "Mob" of your choice and lets keep the heat on. We are all "Community Organizers" now.

Thanks for reading my rant. Now go enjoy he Rain..LOL. (This "Mob"-ster/ Comm Orgzr. is gonna call Kohl and Feingold.)

PS check out the Action Alert posted on Free Racine. See you Monday night at City Hall:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

LiberTEA served up Asiana Style

FreeRacine has invited all of our readers to enjoy a friendly meet up at Asian (Corner of 6th and Park), next Friday July 24th..Denis will be "Guest Bartender", Lookng to discuss support of the Chun's new Pantry store on 6th St. (Right across from Asiana). Looking forward to many of our members joining in and trying out some of the great Korean food items "Sue" has to offer.

BTW the food great!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

City Employees get EXTRA Liberty!!

Introducing our 2nd Guest Blogger. Jody Harding Writes:

Well, friends, our ever-vigilant City Council has come up with a new and inventive way to stick it to the Citizens of Racine. Proposed Ordinance No. 16-09 would allow the city to GIVE parcels of land to city employees for the purpose of building a house. That’s right, I said give. As in no cost, including no closing costs or fees. Ownership free and clear.

But wait, it gets better. In addition to not paying for the property – which the taxpayers have paid to purchase (possibly a small expense if the property was donated or foreclosed), vacate, and clean – they are also excused from any City of Racine property taxes for a period of five years.

And what do they have to do to receive this boon? They are required to build a house on the property of approximately the same size and quality as other houses nearby. The house must then be their “legal residence” for five years from the date they received the property, and they cannot rent out any part of it – also for the five years. (Of course, if they live in the new house and rent out their OLD house, that’s okay.) After the five years is up, the owners can sell the property, rent it or anything else they want to do with it. It’s entirely theirs. And YOU helped, by paying for the land and taxes. Don’t you feel proud?

As stated in the ordinance, “The primary purpose of this ordinance is to improve existing neighborhoods in greatest need within the City of Racine, by encouraging City, County and RUSD employees to build homes in the City. Other purposes include increasing the value of properties eligible to participate in the program offered by this ordinance and increasing the value of other properties in the neighborhoods where participating properties are located.” Bless those city employees, they sure must be some quality folks. Nobody lets ME own property in a neighborhood unless I PAY for it.

I could not find a direct link to the ordinance on-line, perhaps because it is still a proposal, but you may read it in the Minutes from the City Council meeting held July 7th ( beginning on page 49.

This is OUR money, my friends, and the City Council plans to hand it out to a favored few at a time when the rest of us are staggering under an outrageous tax burden, and many of us have lost jobs or had our hours and/or incomes reduced. This is just one more way our City Government is “improving” Racine for you and me. Thanks, Guys.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Historical Liberty Beats City Hall, Unanimously!

Many of you have read about the City proposal to create an "Historic Preservation District" on the City's south Side from 8th to Dekovan and Lake Michigan to approximately Park Ave.

Several members of LiberTEA Racine and other citizens were in attendance at the "Landmarks Preservation". We listened to the members provide Documented complaints, as well as personal testimonial, and each member spoke his or her opinion and thought process. It seemed as if several of them had felt it was either a matter of "poor communication" or too large of a district originally proposed. Yet upon a study of the affected properties in what would be a smaller area the number of people who verbally spoke up at the open meeting last month were also overwhelmingly opposed to the idea.

The audience today was presented with a list of those who spoke, and the residence of those who spoke. However the property owners who may have been affected, but don't actually use those property for a primary residence.

Todays attendees were also allowed to offer commentary after the initial arguments made by the commitee members. Initially the call was to "table" the idea. But upon public urging....OK It was me...The Motion was changed to "Receive and File" the motion. It was seconded and then voted in favor of Unanimously!!

The mystery of who the "somebody" was that started this process was narrowed down somewhat, the mystery is still ongoing.....But that "Somebody" is going to be Pissed!!

I appreciate the committee allowing us to attend. I must add one additional comment to the members who suggested it was communication problem...I believe the people heard loud and Clear! No more Govt. thanks anyway!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our first Guest Blogger. Welcome Billy

I rec'd this from Billy Yank and post his words for your review.

"The Federal Legislator has suggested a National Sales Tax. As Congresswoman Bachmann has recently demanded of Tim Geithner what Constitutional power do you have for your actions.
For the taxation of all trade in America I would say they have no power. Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution starts out by giving the Federal Legislature the power to "lay and collect Taxes." However, the power of the government is almost instantly contracted in that very same section where the government is given the power only "To regulate Commerce with Foreign Nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian Tribes" (it was an open question as to whether "Indian Tribes" were Foreign Nations).
The Constitution also prevents its power, which was feared by every one of the Founding Fathers, from growing. They thought they were OK, but knew in their hearts the next generation, or the one after that would forget, in their untried hearts, about freedom. Thus they insisted on the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Bill Of Rights.
The enumeration in the constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
The Power not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.
Now it would seem only Common Sense that a thing made in a state, which never leaves that state would be the business of that state, to tax or not tax as that state saw fit. Our milk is produced by Wisconsinite farmers, some who's families founded this state. It is purchased by Wisconsinite mothers, 15% of whom have no work and are feeding their babies as best they can. Finally, it is being drunk by Wisconsinite kids, our next generation.
What is to be done? I say that for those products that we do not send to other states, but sell and consume for ourselves, we must pass a law of nullification. It would simply say to the Federal government that your tax upon our internal commerce is Unconstitutional and we refuse to pay it.
To tax the bread from our children's mouths smacks of the actions of Evil Prince John and his Sheriff of Nottingham, of the abuses of Edward Longshanks against Scotland in the time of William Wallace's "Brave Hart" rebellion. Let us have Our Bread, O Milk, Our Cheese, and OUR FREEDOM!
Billy Yank"

Feel free to submit your editorials about Liberty for Review and possible publication..

Downtown Brown

The Jacato Preservation District???

It looks like there is a new proposal to create yet another "District" in Racine. It will be called the Jacato Preservation District (JPD)..This was created by the group "Gangster Racine". The goal will be to ensure that everything in the "Jacato" district is "preserved" in it's current state. Any future Gardens, green spaces or removal of obsolete buildings will now be Banned. SOMEONE has urged the City Council to look into this, So I expect there will soon be a public hearing on the idea.

The JPD was proposed to ensure that the Private owners of the property will not begin making improvements of any type that may cause the value of their own personal property to increase, causing the current residents to be forced to move away and making it more difficult for Drug dealers and other Money leaching pond scum to have access to their Prey.

The people of the 14 Aldermanic districts will override the votes of the people in the Jacato Preservation District and it's representatives. It is the hope Of "Gangster Racine" that preserving the current conditions will result in securing their Drug Client base for generations to come. It will also ensure a constant source of underprivileged children for the School District to use as examples and excuses for any future poor performance. It is also believed the new district will help keep property values DOWN not only in the District, but in the entire community. This will help keep the taxes LOWER so the City can continue to spend outside of it's budget for years to come.

Landlords will be refused all permits for any reason, with no ability to rationally appeal any decisions that don't Keep "Jacato"...."Jacato-ish". Tom Jones a Jacato landlord is asking anyone with out-dated electrical or plumbing fixtures to drop them off, so that any needs of restoration circa 1970 will be easy to comply with. Shag Carpet samples, harvest gold and avacado appliances are welcome as well!

Jacoto "resident" Billy "Big Guns" Hanson; (he "stays "there), was quoted as saying he was thrilled that in the future he will not need to ride the "C" bus across town to buy his next "Lid". It was impossible to quote him exactly...this reporter has some standards..(Billy was wearing a "Grill" which made him difficult to understand). My apologies to the reader.

Hans Jansenn from the nearby neighborhood is glad to know that at no point will the Jacato area get any better thanks to the Govt. intervention, and he was assured that at some point his home on Mars Blvd...will eligible to be included in the district. He is planning to avoid any future improvement to his home, so he will comply, when the authorities tell him to.

Hmmm I wonder where they got the idea????

Hysterical Historians

Last night LiberTEA Racine joined over 100 voices of citizens in the City and surrounding areas. Our voices were added to the overwhelming objections to the attempt to confiscate the property rights of those residents of the South Side Historic Area. You see SOMEONE* want's to ask the City council to create a Historic District Committee which will be responsible for "Controlling" private citizens and the alterations they make to their homes.. Including replacement Doors, windows, Porches, and Shingles and Downspouts, etc. At the moment house color is not considered, but a review of the proposals indicates that colors of trim, porches, etc. WILL be enforced. I'm sure once the door is open..the restrictions, ordinances, and other "nanny-isms" will be abundent.

So many great points were made, citing the 5th amendment (Illegal Siezure).
The 13th involuntary servitude.....And just the general issue of Liberty.

Thanks for all of the members of LiberTEA who showed up, and for their voices of Liberty.

This isn't "won yet" The next meeting is scheduled for 4:30 on July 6th...I suspect the time will be moved later before the date. If you haven't done so please call your alderman and request this idea be shredded, rather than the Constitution.

Now I (DTB) think the Great question we need to ask is WHO is the *SOMEONE, who requested this proposal? I'd really like to know..Is it Preservation Racine, Landmark Preservation, Dr. Moles; Or could it be that this is the first part of Mayor Dickerts 10 year plan we never heard about?

Thanks for joining in LiberTEA's first Call to Action!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dollar Store or other options.

The recent article about the Dollar Store, and BP proposals submitted for the 1100 Washington ave Site, have created a bit of discussion on the Post This is a bit unusual from a Liberty perspective.

The land is currently owned by the City Taxpayers, and consequently is not collecting any taxable income, nor is it being used by the Citizens as a park or other use. The Council is entertaining options as to what should go in that location, and the question is should we take one of the 3 current offers; or wait until a better project comes down the road?

Speaking of the Road, Hwy 20 is the most important Avenue into Racine at this time. It has some undesirable corridors which strongly effect the visitors and residents of their perception of the City as they approach our Downtown. (Yes I have a Downtown Bias, because it is the future of the City in my opinion). I think a semi-permanent Farmers market could be created by the City, or a private developer, It could be like a Borgardts with mostly outdoor displays, rented to whomever, perhaps an enclosed section for a Butcher Shoppe or even a Bakery. It could almost become a part time/ seasonal Grocery for local, and not so local produce. Having a Class A liquor store down the road on 6th St would be great as well.

If the property was already owned by the Minn. company and they wanted to build the Dollar Store, I'd say let them, and let's stay out of the way. But since we do have a choice, I think we should keep the options open.

In the meantime we are rebuilding 7th St, next year, (I think), and will likely get a Round-a-bout at 7th and Grand, Let's widen Hwy 20 while we have the chance and put in a narrow Blvd. from Tino's to the tracks or 14th? As we continue West we should consider that theme for Hwy 20.

Traffic flow, ample parking and as much aesthetic beauty down the Avenue is going to improve the appearance and the attitudes about our City.

So what do you think??

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Open Carry in Wisconsin

We may have to wait until we get rid of Jim Doyle before we have concealed carry in Wisconsin. But unabated open carry is a move in the right direction.

Why shouldn’t a home owner be able to openly carry a gun on his body while working in the yard? Sounds like a good way to warn would be invader criminal types that they would be in a heap of trouble should they decide to come on over uninvited.

Why shouldn’t a store owner be able to openly carry a gun on his body while working around the store. Again, a nice warning should anyone have misguided thoughts about removing cash from his cash register.

Mayor Jim Smith went ballistic some 10 years ago when a private citizen went shopping with a holstered gun on his hip. Had him arrested for disorderly conduct.

Will the new Mayor John Dickert be able to keep his cools should Racine citizens decide to exercise their rights to openly carry weapons in protection of their persons and property? Or just because they want to wear one for ornamentation?

If he just went on about business and gave it no-mind, it would get him a star on my chart.

UNIT goes Historical!!

Today's JT informs us that our community is about to propose/ impose an Historic district Just South of the Downtown section of the City. As a long time resident of the district I can tell you I am thrilled that the City will be eliminating my property taxes completely in exchange for a "Slavery" agreement where my neighbors and I agree to submit our window plans, Door requests, color chips, and Siding materials before a new nebulous board, which will determine if I am compliant with the Central Planning commission". BTW the city hasn't proposed eliminating property taxes, despite the fact that they wish to invade our property with new regulations, thus denying our Liberty, we should fight back. if you have ever seen some of the nightmares people go thru in theses Historic districts around the country, it's tedious, expensive, and a denial of your personal Liberty.

I remember my Grand-parents telling me stories about parts of Europe back in the 70's where if you wanted to paint your door a different color, you couldn't, unless you got permission from City Hall. I thought it was crazy..and now it's being proposed here by the Neo-Statists. With my home I have always attempted to be true to the "period" it was built, but I did that for my own pleasure, and I believed it helped keep the neighborhood in character. But I wouldn't impose the same rules on my next door neighbor.

It seems rather than killing UNIT we are giving it "Historical" powers.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Clean up the River!! Mr. Mayor??

I was speaking with a friend the other day, and he told me how he had really worked hard on the Dickert campaign. I told him I was proud of his activism, and asked why he supported Dickert over Turner or Harding. His answer was that John was the only one that spoke to him about cleaning up the Root River, and he really cared about the environment! I said well that was great why does John, or you or anyone else have to go knocking on doors, or chanting at rally's or waving signs, just to elect a guy to "clean up" the River.. It seems to me that the same amount of energy would've probably cleaned up the river pretty nicely. A month ago!!

So to all of you who want to "clean up" the Root River, or North Beach, or the nearest City park to your house...GO DO IT...Let me know what day, and I'll show up if I can. We don't need to Charge the Taxpayers, to hire a company or add more burden to the Park's Dept, or the DNR, to go clean up some litter. Also a little finger wagging at the some of the folks who treat our city like it's their personal trash barrel. (In case your wondering..yes I have, finger waved and yelled! Often!)

Here's other things we can all do to make Racine a better place, Urban Gardening....just picking up loose trash and throwing it in a basket. no taxpayer cost at all. Just your "Liberty" at work.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

First Thought: I have sent out invitations to several additional Bloggers whose opinions and commentary will posted on this page too. Readers please remember all of the commentary is from individuals.

Second thought: I read with interest on Denis' blog where he discussed Efficient City Govt. And the proposal of Alderman Mozol regarding extending the term of Alderman to 3 years from the current 2. I agree with Denis that this is something we should fight. Taking even more power (Liberty) from the voter is another chip at our Govt. by the people.

3rd: Still trying to weigh my opinion on the SCJ issue where the Company managed to get property tax exemption for the historic area at 16th and Howe, and several of the Buildings. On the one hand if it's good for business (and Liberty) to have lower taxes, maybe we should offer the same deal to ALL of the business owners in Racine! If on the other hand I find out there was a quid pro Quo with with Gov. Doyle, and KRM or something else, I'll become very wary.

4th: Librarian shortage in the schools?? Why can't some of the parents , especially those who may be unemployed, VOLUNTEER for those jobs?? RUSD can not afford to buy more Librarians right now...I'm not against kids, schools or reading, but come on, there is somewhere a few extra employees to fill those jobs, and if not this is exactly the kind of thing Volunteers should jump in to do! I like how some commenter was appalled that we had money for Tennis Courts but not Librarians. I could respond several ways, but the first is that Tennis Courts don't get health care or retirement benefits paid for by the taxpayers. But secondly the reason we have Tennis Courts is Somebody else "Whined", and your School board fell for the "It's for the Kids", line. Maybe when the school tennis courts need to be repaired next time, we wait until we have a volunteer, or we plow them under. Is a Tennis degree currently being offered in RUSD?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome to LiberTEA Racine

Welcome to LiberTEA Racine.

I'd like to thank all of the people who helped me take an idea and turn it into something real. It is the goal of all us at LR to raise awareness to the "Disease" that is "killing" Freedom everyday in Racine, America and around the world. Our Liberty's are being attacked one by one as the government grows at all levels. I have been chomping to get this site running for weeks now. In just the past few weeks our Common Council members killed a small Liquor store and pantry from joining our community to sell legal products legally, in a building where the landlord was supportive! Our Common council knows better? A vacant building is a better deal for the city? Today the State of Wisconsin passed a law crushing the Liberty of a business to decide whether it's customers should have the freedom to smoke or not smoke. President Obama fired the President of GM, and is in the process of turning the majority stock holding to the Unions that created the demise of Chrysler. Had Chrysler had the Liberty to actually make cars that their market research said the people wanted to buy, Chrysler today wouldn't be turning into a Govt. Agency! Mr. president have you ever had a job selling ANYTHING that wasn't a Govt. Agency??

These are just a few of the items that seem to come along everyday, week, or month. LR doesn't believe we can stop all of the fights against Govt. and Nanny state intervention, but we can be a forum for discussion and a group that advocates change, and then takes action at the local level to make change real!

Over the next few weeks we have in place a Website, and will use this Blogsite to welcome commentary from anyone interested in sharing their thoughts. We will also have 6 regular contributors, and we are considering offering "guest" contributors as well.

LiberTEA Racine is a group of concerned Racine area citizens dedicated to preserving and recovering our liberties from the near constant encroachment by government. We are an issue driven, active and non-partisan organization focusing on local issues that concern our liberties.

I'd also like to thank Denis and the TEA Party in Racine for the inspiration to "Do Something!"
Denis also directed me to the following quote:
"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote
." -Benjamin Franklin

LR will have a group of contributors, as well as an investigative newshound or 2, looking for the News the JT and the local radio station don't cover. We will focus primarily on issues in the City, and County of Racine, with additional coverage of issues in the surrounding villages. LR knows Racine is not the Liberty haven we would like, but our surrounding neighbors are very supportive, and we ask for and will offer our help on their issues, too.

Liberty Racine is not a "Rent-a-Mob" that shows up around a statue every week shouting Jesse Jackson chants. But we do believe our voices are being ignored, and maybe it's our own fault. To change that we will have about every 2 weeks an "Action Call". No you don't have to ride on horseback thru the city at night...but instead we'll post the issue, and the appropriate contact people, (Alderman, Mayor, County Super. or County Executive, and on occasion Lehman, Turner, Mason, Vos, and even the Gov. ). It is our goal to make it so easy you can "Do Something" in five don't even have to get out of your jammies!! A phone call or a quick e-mail. If you know a friend who would benefit from our "service" have them send LR an e-mail, and we will include it in the broadcast.

At this time this is a voluntary, unpaid, act of conscience, there is no charge to subscribe, nor any commitment to act, but you have your conscience's too;^).

This is a non-partisan group focus on winning achievable Liberty issues.

My Grand-parents gave me a free America, I owe it to my Grand-children to leave the "campsite" in better shape than I found it!! Keep America Free!